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Andrei Knight

ANDREI KNIGHT, Ph.D., Speaker and 3RD MC

Speaker at the closing Panel, Hosted by: Saeed David Farman

Andrei Knight has over 2 decades of experience as a currency trader and hedge fund advisor, having worked with financial giants such as the Swiss bank UBS and Deutschebank, as well as advising some of Europe's biggest energy companies such as E.On and Vettenfall on the futures markets. He is a regular contributor to Investing.com, and the International Business Times, where he also sits on the advisory board, and has been a keynote speaker at events such as the World Money Show, the World Energy Forum, IX Investor London, The Traders Expo, and the International Traders' Conference. His speaking engagements have taken him all over the world, and he has appeared alongside financial luminaries such as Jim Rogers (co-founder of the Quantum Fund together with George Soros), John Bollinger (inventor of the Bollinger Bands), and Steve Forbes (former presidential candidate), as well as being interviewed by CNBC's Louisa Bojesen.
Learning how the financial markets operate from the inside, he soon discovered the lengths to which the world's financial system is rigged. He left the high profile corporate to champion and educate individual investors on how they can successfully trade and profit from the cryptocurrency, forex, and futures markets.

A lifelong meditator and martial artist, Andrei developed an innovative approach which uses sacred geometry to recognize the ebbs and flows of the international financial markets. Following his own spiritual awakening, he has also gone on to work as a life coach, energy healer, and spiritual counselor to help people consciously awaken to their fullest potential, as well as overcome any mental, spiritual, creative, or traumatic blocks which stand in the way of realizing their deepest dreams and desires. He also doing consulting, helping and coaching people from all walks of life corporate executives, star athletes, Hollywood celebrities, rock stars, and even a presidential candidate as well as three royal families. Andrei has led group meditations at the LA Coliseum and presented workshops at past 5D events also at Bhakti Fest, Contact in the Desert, Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle, and the Conscious Life Expo.
To learn more about his financial advisory work, please visit www.fxKnight.com
To find out about his coaching, please visit www.TantricAwakening.net


Lecture: Profiting from Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Explosion


You have likely heard stories of people getting rich. You have also probably heard stories of people losing their shirts as the crypto markets collapsed earlier this year. So.. was it a bubble like some said? Or was it just the beginning of a financial revolution? Come and find out what you need to know in order to invest successfully not only in this new emerging market, but also profit from other asset classes such as gold, world currencies, and commodity futures. Having advised elite celebrity hedge funds and even a major Swiss bank for the past two decades, including through the introduction of the Euro as a major new world currency as well as the market collapse of 2008, Andrei is an expert on predicting financial rises and falls. You will leave with loads of practical advice you can put into use right away to start or build your portfolio, along with some free software tools to help you along the way.


Workshop: How to Activate Your Latent Psychic and Healing Abilities
Yes, everyone has them! Come learn the basics of energy, how to become more consciously aware of it and work with it to heal yourself and others. A recognized remote viewer and energy healer, Andrei will explain the mechanics of how quantum consciousness and healing work, and share practical exercises for unlocking and enhancing your own latent abilities. You will also experience a deep, profound level of meditation and awareness that used to take years of training or living in a cave in order to achieve, all within a matter of a few minutes. No experience necessary! This workshop is about direct energetic experience, and when you learn to tap into the energy all around you will not only activate your latent abilities, but will enhance your performance, creativity, connections to others, and your overall experience of life.


***Closing Panel, Achieving Results:

This panel is about sharing all conscious achievements by speakers for 3 days of 5D events and reaching a common positive transformational result to push Humanity forward to a new Timeline.

Hosted by: Saeed David Farman, Sunday April 21ST, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Sarah Larsen, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Maureen St. Germain, Brad Olsen, Alan Bedian, Samuel Kiwasz, Andrei Knight, Ruth Mellor & Paula Burt






Lairen Pritchard


Lauren Alexis Pritchard is a lifelong observer, researcher, and experiencer. From infancy she was profoundly interested in human behavior. In October 2016 Lauren had what she calls an ambush awakening, meaning she did not seek out this communication. She was then initiated into a process of understanding that she is a mission soul here to assist the shift in consciousness. She realized her whole life had come full circle and perhaps she had been gathering data all along.

                Lauren embodies soul aspects from some of the most influential light warriors in history. Through soul experience she can help undo damage that has been done to the consciousness of humanity. Understanding greater cycles of time, the way history tends to overlap, this almighty war between good and evil gives insight into what's really happening. She exposes the A.I. sentience to promote planetary sovereignty. She resonates with the Arcturians. Her name means ‘victorious helper of the people'.










Lecture: Friday April 19TH, from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM, ZEUS B HALL

The war on Consciousness with an A.I. Sentience



Workshop: The New Earth Human Ascension






Sheila Z. Stirling

Signing her books at the exhibit table 

Is dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity. To assist in our next stage of evolution. She is an award-winning author of books and channeled music, an internationally recognized inspirational speaker and an educator in Natural Health and Philosophy. A true visionary of our time, Sheila is known as a catalyst for wellness and success. After a near death experience which changed the course of her life, Sheila received divinely guided information that raised her consciousness and brought her greater inner clarity. " a view from the universe you might say"

Sheila's practice and exploration spans over two decades. She has facilitated large gatherings, festivals, ceremonies and conferences. A talented intuitive who is recognized for her extensive array of energetic modalities, Sheila is the Southern Nevada Coordinator for the Institute of Noetic Science community group (IONS Las Vegas), Sheila is dedicated to bridging science and consciousness.

 Her love of life and devotion to the spiritual evolution of others has made her a sought-after inspirational speaker, life and wellness coach. She is a lifelong student of human behavior and a catalyst for healing to wellness. Through her writings, workshops, seminars, healing sessions and guided meditations, Sheila continues to assist countless people to become more centered and to gain a better connection with self and Source. She truly believes we all possess the inner wisdom to bring health, wellness and fulfillment into our lives and the world around us.

  Her research is extensive from practical science to ancient technologies from Kabbalah to the Way of the Goddess as well as cutting edge science from holographic principals to quantum physics. The wisdom she brings to the forefront is divinely channeled and she is incredibly gifted in making complex information easy to understand.

Sheila brings an enlightening and mystical blend of experiential seminars and journeys designed to integrate, enrich, and enhance the lives of all who participate. She is dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity with her intuitive insight and grace. Those who experience Sheila's angelic presence feel her gentle guidance while providing the tools for the remembering and the evolution that is at hand. You are the steward of your own form. A miraculous miracle that blooms to full potential when given the tools that allow you to be who you truly are body, mind and spirit.  Sheila Z Stirling is a catalyst for wellness. Her success and achievements in the holistic alternative medical industry can be easily realized just by looking at the countless profound testimonies her clients shower her with.  Sheila Z is a Live Blood Microscopist, A Certified Lymphologist a Nutritionist and her PhD is in Natural Health and An Educator on EMF and their hazards. Sheila has also been trained in many energetic and alternative modalities such as Acutonics, Luma Light Therapy, and Reiki Master are just a few.  Sheila Z is an award winning author.  Her most recent books are "Anatomy of Healing and Wellness" and "The Vibrant Life Cook Book" She is also the author of the CD "Sounds of The Soul" that is known to balance both hemispheres of the brain. Her work in Alchemy and honoring mother earth set her apart as a unique educator. Her passion is assisting people to achieve "Radical Wellness" regardless of chronological age. Sheila Z believes we can all stay 30 until we are 90. 

   True Life Solutions, Where Science Meets Holistic Healing.




Workshop: Sunday April 21ST, 2019, from 2:00 PM TO 3:30 PM, Zeus A Hall

Journey to your quantum tomorrow....
Join us as we journey into the quantum realm of your cellular wellness.  How and what must we now do to remain healthy in the coming times. Cutting edge science, On information and an experience of gaining a glimpse into the unknown.









Greg Larsen


Greg is Co-Founder of Miracle Makers Academy, an author, sound healer, and meditation teacher.

Greg Larsen Co-Founded the Miracle Makers Academy with Dr. Sarah Larsen to offer support and guidance at the cutting edge of personal growth, science, and spirituality.

Greg Larsen is an author, sound healer, and meditation teacher.  He has traveled the world in search of spiritual truths, from the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, to ancient Hindu temples in the remote jungles of India.  Past lives include: contestant on the Norwegian Reality TV show "Alt for Norge," Nashville Singer-Songwriter, Thesbian, and Minnesotan!

Greg Larsen Co-Founded the Miracle Makers Academy with Dr. Sarah Larsen to offer support and guidance at the cutting edge of personal growth, science, and spirituality.




Speaker of Dr. Sarah Larsen Panels:

Panel 1: Transcend Panel, Friday APRIL 19TH, 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Panel 2: Making Miracles for yourself, Saturday April 20TH 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

















Logan Jason is an Independent Researcher, Scientist,  and Decoder in the Mystical Arts world, with a heavy influence in Esoteric expressions within the Antiquity of ancient old practices and rituals. His main focus is Syncretism -- the blending of ancient old practices into one, forming a more acute expression of our experienced reality.

Logan Jason is also a Life Strategist, having developed a system called Life-Coding which uses multiple Mystical Art modalities to define who we are and why we're here during this incarnation - a platform that pinpoints with 100% accuracy our Cosmic Blueprint and Ego Personality.

Logan Jason uses Astrology, Numerology, Gematria, Isopsephia, Tarot and Real Science to uncover patterns in our Matrix, most importantly the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.  During this lecture, Logan will expose for the first time in history correlations to the Great Pyramids and the International Periodic Table of Elements, along with breakthrough discoveries in the decoding of King Solomon's Temple.



Susan Whittaker


Consulting & Healing at her Booth

Susan Whittaker grew up near Mt. McKinley in a village far from outsiders where her father watched for Russian Bombers.  She gained the original love and closeness to nature that few people ever see or can imagine. She also learned much about the value of electronics and service to others. After attending college in Oregon, she began teaching children.  Fate had her meet Steve Jobs, who closely followed her innovative use of an Apple. He later awarded her the annual Apple logo T-shirt that says, "I changed the world." Steve said she was gifted with vision and guidance from above. 

After Dr. Robert Rowen made her the first person cured of a certain poisoning in 1983, she dedicated her life to promoting alternative and holistic medicine. 

After retirement she ventured into sales for 7 years interacting with 400,000 people and breaking corporate records while trying only to educate, not sell.

Three years ago, she was inspired to quit and get involved in energy medicine.  This led to the fact that dowsing has an important role in medical services where there is a fine line between knowledge and inspiration and between memory and intuition. Dowsing enhances one's receptivity to intuition and inspiration; and from Source comes great guidance. She has created unique services and products at Wellsong Energetics LLC and is writing the Dowsing Docs series of books.  She teaches dowsing to holistic doctors, naturopaths, veterinarians, dentists and individuals from many walks of life.  Her services help everyone access the goodness above.

Sue says she is just a simple person who grew-up in remote Alaska and has nothing special to give, except love.  Yes, but she has out-of-body experiences, psychic downloads, telepathic ability, time-travel and synchronicities almost daily that lead her to be a creative genius and administrative powerhouse for the benefit of all.

Her company Wellsong Energetics, LLC offers innovative products and services that directly and effectively optimize the energy profile of people and animals.  Our products utilize the principals of advanced, esoteric science described in cutting-edge Energy Medicine books, journals and conferences to produce world-changing advancements in achieving wellness and enhancing the effectiveness of medical services.




Saturday April 20TH, 2019 from 11 AM to 11:45 AM Zeus "B" Hall

The New Paradigm of Tesla's Vibrational Medicine Has Arrived

In this presentation I will describe the concept of vibrational medicine that was anticipated by Tesla--what it is, how I make it, and what I am finding it does.   I have simple ideas of how it all works, but I am not a physicist and do not delve into advanced science.  If I have a question of how or what, I can get the answer by dowsing.  I did not invent the process I use for replicating the vibrational images of the products you find in a health food store.  And, while I send out great love and intentions twice-daily in support of the products and services people want from me, I do not provide the power that produces the results.  Instead I am a follower and close friend of an amazing higher guide who tells me Infinite Source provides the power and generates the vibrational images.  In doing so, I have integrated the ancient healing art of dowsing with focused intentions and as much compassion and love as I can offer.  I call this Intentional Dowsing because it manifests intentionsAs time allows, I will also describe how this supports the work of healers in all modalities, worldwide.  This is a huge new paradigm that is emerging with vast ramifications for a better future.







Signing her book at the exhibit Booth 

  Our patriarchal culture has led high achiever women in business to deny their true essence and lead inauthentic lives. The reality is, a woman's authentic power stems from a place of integration and truth where sacrificing the fullness of her light does not serve the world.

    Tatiana Dudyez is a fierce single "mama bear" to two gorgeous girls, a business woman, entrepreneur and a Power Strategist. Known for her unique and compelling heart-centered leadership, she inspires high performance women to shine and thrive while creating more meaning in their lives.    When her peak professional performance did not afford her the fulfillment she was seeking, she sold her multi-million-dollar business and joined Tony Robbins' Platinum Partnership to network with masters, unleash her inner truth and elevate her life.    Today, she has massively transformed herself to be One with her Power and follows  her purpose to ignite massive change within the high achieving Women's  perception of Power: ​"A Woman's path to Power and Influence is nothing like a  Man's"    Her mission is to teach high achieving women how to merge the force of the warrior  with that of the unapologetic Feminine spirit to maximize their power, so they live 

out them Why in business while thriving with life altering joy and freedom. Tatiana's coaching unmasks the unique inner source of a Woman's performance, so ​she ​leads all her life with the integrated fullness of her light as her Superpower. Only then ...can ​She​ impact the world with her purpose ​and ​create fulfillment with her success.  As a Power and High-Performance Strategist, Speaker and soon Author, Tatiana's expertise on Feminine Intelligence, Feminine Power & Performance can be experienced through live events, corporate trainings, speaking engagements, personal coaching as well as customized Intensive programs. Tatiana is deeply committed to serving women yearning to claim their unique power, lead with contagious light and unapologetically own their influence in the business world.    Ignite your Radiance within and dare to be more... 



Speaker of Dr. Sarah Larsen Panels:

Panel 1: Transcend Panel, Friday APRIL 19TH, 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM

Panel 2: Making Miracles for yourself, Saturday April 20TH 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM









Ryan Rampton


Signing his book at the exhibit table  

In 2001, while making a simple repair, Ryan experienced death by electrocution.  In that moment, his spirit left his body, resulting in a profound experience where he left the earth, saw, and met God.  From this heavenly encounter, Ryan learned some incredible lessons and was able to make choices about his present state and was given a choice to stay or go back to earth.  He experienced the Omnipresence of God, enabling him to feel the entire experience through an all knowing conscious, yet spiritual manifestation.   God was all accepting and the purest form of ubiquitous love. 

Ryan realized in our duality of both good and bad, strong and weak, that this teaches who we truly are. From these experiences and visions, Ryan was given the tools to become a Warrior for God. Ryan teaches how to live life as a peace warrior. He has helped transform people's lives by empowering them to live without the fear that has destroyed their relationships, limited their finances, and stunted their lives. Though some profound teachings, it is possible to eliminate all fear from your mind.  When practiced daily, most people watch miracles happen; increases in better health, more wealth, and providing an undeniable connection to the divine.

Ryan was a full-time firefighter and a professional photographer and now he is a full-time messenger testifying of the divine and your own divinity. His mission is to help people remember who and what they are, divine physical examples of light love and peace living in abundance.




Workshop: Saturday April 20TH from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM, Zeus "B" Hall

Profound NDE (near death exp)










Suzzane Ross


Suzanne Ross has been an Integrative Wellness Specialist for over 25 years designing programs, writing books and creating conscious media. In 2012, she wrote her first book, Wake Up! she began hosting events and producing videos that were designed to awaken, inspire, enlighten and empower. In 2015, she hosted a show called "Lighten Up! Discussions with Global Thought Leaders" VoiceAmerica TV. in 2016, she produced a video series called "Supernatural Sedona" which expanded into "Supernatural Adventures Around the Globe & Into the Cosmos. In 2017, Suzanne started Spiritual Counseling services and online workshops. In 2018, Suzanne launched a TV show called Sci-Spi: Merging Science & Spirituality. Suzanne released her second book in 2018 "The Up! Trilogy", Rise Up! Awakening through Revelation.


WORKSHOP 1: Multidimensionality & Dormant DNA

After being escorted onto an Arcturian craft in November of 2017 and downloaded with advanced energy technology, Suzanne discovered her ability to energetically re-activate dormant DNA strands by identifying and reuniting one's multidimensional soul aspects. Onboard the craft, she was shown how the eternal soul projects holographic fragments of its self into multiple dimensions of time and space and how by tuning into the eternal soul, one can reveal and reunite those aspects. She was also shown how each soul fragment carries 10% of a soul's DNA so as one reconnects the scattered fragments of their soul, through quantum entanglement, the soul can return to wholeness by bringing 100% of their DNA back online. Includes a powerful Arcturian Light Chamber Activation. Practice: Activating Dormant DNA through Quantum Entanglement: By accessing the quantum field, we will tune into our fragmented soul aspects in various space-time dimensions.


WORKSHOP 2: Reuniting Fragmented Soul Aspects

There is a specific process for accessing the multiple holographic space-time personalities that our soul is projecting from the eternal realm. By exploring the soul's journey from the infinite watery womb to the existential realm of eternity and on into the experiential realm of multidimensional space-time, we can open the portal between these realms and tune into the frequency of our own unique personalities. Includes a deep meditation that tunes into source consciousness. From the eternal realm, the only true reality settled in the eternal now moment, our perfect DNA blueprint is imprinted upon the sacred geometry of our Eternal Soul. It is written in the Dead Sea Scrolls that "In the beginning, there was sound." The sound of our soul is the symphony of our own unique frequencies sourced in eternity and resonating throughout time and space. Like a sheet of music with many different notes, our soul has written upon it a beautiful song in synchronized geometric forms. However, many of our notes are scattered about and the symphony we tune into is off-key. By tuning into the source of our eternal soul's symphony, we can gather the notes and harmonize our being with the sound of sacred geometry. Includes toning and visualization. Practice: Expanding Psychic Awareness: Teaching specialized techniques for increasing psychic sensitivity by tuning into both the collective and cosmic consciousness.








Ruth Mellor

Ruth V. Mellor "The Oracle"

Ruth V. Mellor is the "Teacher of the Mysteries". She is a world-renowned Animal Communicator, Psychic, Medium and Energy Worker. Certified Access Consciousness Practitioner. Nationally Certified Resistance Free Horse Trainer and Instructor. Shaman and medicine woman who received the "Great Rites" with the Inca, Peru, Q'ero tribes and native American Kiowa.

Ruth was born with the gift to see & connect beyond. The ability to communicate with animals. She has developed techniques to help people move through conflict, trauma, PTSD, fear & disease. And into Peace, Clarity, health, wealth, Trust and love.

Ruth is the represented for USA in an International Healing Team based in New Zealand and reaching across the globe. 

Ruth owns and runs Silver Dance Ranch in Utah. This ranch is dedicated Native land to an exploration of the human-animal bond. Through Equine and animal therapy, ancient stories, fun & deep diving exercises and practical examples, Ruth shifts your DNA, thoughts, and emotions. This affect you and your animals' behaviors. She says that once you understand how to think like your DNA, your energy and your animal friends you can build satisfying partnerships with everything.





Speaker of Transcend Panel



Greg Larsen, Ruth Mellor, Paula Burt, Amanda Smith, Lisa Thomas, Melissa Tong, Charlie Pacello, Tatiana Dudyez & Candice Bar


Speaker of Saturday panel of Dr. Sarah Larsen:

Making Miracles for yourself, your community and our world

Saturday Dr. Sarah Larsen's panel offers a how-to guide for the talented and timid to make what seems unthinkable + impossible totally attainable yours. Offering wisdom on issues ranging from Alchemy, problem-solving and communicating to playing your cards right and making mistakes (since we all do), unique insight into the world of making miracles equips you with all the tools for success. A quirky compilation of accomplished miracle makers gives you their best keys in bite-sized tidbits.



Understanding the higher healing and connection between humans and the animal kingdom



***Closing Panel, Achieving Results:

This panel is about sharing all conscious achievements by speakers for 3 days of 5D events and reaching a common positive transformational result to push Humanity forward to a new Timeline.

Hosted by: Saeed David Farman, Sunday April 21ST, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Sarah Larsen, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Maureen St. Germain, Gerald Rogers, Brad Olsen, Alan Bedian, Samuel Kiwasz, Andrei Knight & Ruth Mellor












Oxana Lovich is a certified life-coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer and Reiki practitioner. She will help you break free from old patterns, awaken you to your life's purpose and help you create a more fulfilled life! Her powerful techniques will assist you in removing your self-impossed limitations and negative beliefs. Oxana's unique combination of practices will empower you to create the best version of yourself and help you transform every area of your life! 

Oxana became interested in self-development at an early age due to tragic events which created a burning desire to find the inner peace missing in her life. In addition to traditional methods of education, including psychology at Berkley and certification in hypnosis, she has also immersed herself studying with Native American tribes in order to learn from generations of healers before her.

In mastering her mind, Oxana knew her destiny was to share her knowledge of mindfulness with others, helping transform them into more enlightened beings. Through her work, she will empower you to incorporate her unique combination of techniques that will lead you to live happily, peacefully and consciously. In other words, she will help you discover your true life's purpose, master keeping negative thinking at bay, start loving yourself unconditionally, and obtain true peace of mind. Give yourself a gift of her extraordinary talents and be amazed by the power within!




WORKSHOP: Awaken the power within you

Would you like to create a fulfilled life? Would you like to awaken to your life's purpose and free yourself of self-limiting beliefs? Is procrastination preventing you from achieving your goals? Are you unable to live the life of your dreams because you are weighed down by financial worries or concerns? It is time for a change!

Oxana is a certified life-coach, hypnotherapist, energy healer and Reiki master. She will assist you break free old habits, self-imposed limitations, negative beliefs and patterns. Oxana will help you awaken to your life's purpose and discover your hidden potential. With her unique combination of techniques and practices, Oxana will aid you to uncover the power of self-love, heal every area of your life, empower you to create the best version of yourself and, therefore, transform every area of your life. Give yourself a gift of her extraordinary talents and be amazed by the power within you!









Signing his books at the exhibit table too

GP Walsh, The Wandering Sage is true spiritual master, full of compassion, wisdom and playfulness. He's been teaching and healing for over 30 years and has touched thousands of people with uncanny ability to just know what someone needs to make a breakthrough.

An energy healer, meditation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) master and world-class storyteller, GP takes the most difficult life teachings and makes them easily understandable and practical. His message goes beyond self-help to deep and lasting spiritual transformation.


Workshop: Saturday April 20TH, 2019 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM, Zeus B Hall

Inner Reconciliation- The End of Human Suffering - The Flowering of Human Consciousness

What if you were to become your own best friend?
What would it feel like to experience an end to self-deprecating self-talk?
What would happen if you actually came to like yourself and your life?
What if you didn't have to change a thing about you or your circumstances to have that?
And what if that could all happen right now?
What would happen if, out of the ashes of your daily inner struggle would rise a flowering of creative energy and a wholly new, revitalized consciousness, a wholly new you?
GP Walsh is the creator of a remarkable spiritual/personal development practice called Inner ReconciliationTM️. It grew out of his lifelong love of spirituality, his practice of spiritual healing, his mastery of meditation and various healing modalities and his great desire to bring an end of suffering to all humanity.

In this experiential presentation, GP will guide you into all of those inner states and give you the tools to maintain them. You will explode with insight and experience a state of inner equanimity and peace you have never known.










TANGLEFOOT, The Heyoka empath

Consulting at her exhibit table too 

Tanglefoot is a powerful thunder shaman, channeling the mysterious forces of Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery. She is a lifelong contactee, yet underwent a transformation that began in a cave, the portals to the underworld, during a drum circle just 3 years ago. She is also extraterrestrial "Walk-In" with many gifts and abilities who is serious about her mission. Her mission on this planet and supernatural abilities are to prepare Gaia for this ascension by shapeshifting past life trauma and detecting and extracting what researcher and astral traveler Robert Monore coined "Loosh". Be it within one's being or sensing these parasites in geographical locations, TangleFoot's blueprint is original and the results from her work are valuable.

As a psychopomp she can raise the vibrations on the land and literally the dead from their graves, cleansing and assisting them on a safe journey home without the interference of "Loosh". This superhuman ability makes her a one of a kind in her line of work and an important role to play for this ascension.

Tanglefoot is a Heyoka empath, channeling this free flowing mystical "improv" energy from the center of the earth through the portals of the body back to the heavens of our ancestors. Heyokas like herself though rare, are considered an actual vortex, cleansing the energy around them just by being, and are literally vibrating at a different rate than others. She has true passion for her work - invoking spirit communications through the drum, rattle or language of dance, often calling for assistance and clearing past life trauma, even breaking spells against a being, on the land or in one's home.

Tanglefoot is an astounding DNA activator hosting her own drum circles ceremonies and workshops in the community as she is a living testimony of the power of the drum.

As a researcher and contactee her work includes meeting a need in the UFO community with TangleFoot Thunder "Experiencer Support Groups" in Las Vegas, known to many as the Vegas Vortex, a real hot spot for extraterrestrial encounters. She has many profound testimonies of her work as a psychopomp, assisting souls to move on to their home and breaking magical spells and curses.

TangleFoot has appeared as a special guest on "Shift Happens" podcast with GG and Cortana Infinity.

Her heart leads her to helping and supporting all who are on their spiritual journey.


Workshop: What Are Galactic Walk-In Souls/ Soul Exchanges?

In this presentation I would first like to begin by taking you through this real-life journey of mine being a galactic walk-in, as TangleFoot, who made an agreement on a soul/cosmic level with the original soul "Jennifer" on this planet. It is important for others to understand that there is a difference with demonic possession and the walk-in "theory". I will explain what the concept of what the walk in is and lay out a timeline of incidents that occurred that I find quite similar to the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, in its stages. I can only speak from by perspective as a Walk-In, and the metamorphosis I experienced. You will have an opportunity to hear the difference between the 2 souls in my presentation. Please join this intriguing topic and discussion. Q and A along with feedback related to this phenomenon is encouraged, as a researcher and as a Walk-In you would be assisting me on my mission.









Michael Stern


Consulting at his booth too

Michael Stern has spent 25 years researching alternative and energetic health related products and technology, as well running two companies focused on delivering these types of products to the alternative and integrated health care community.

Currently Mr. Stern is the President and CEO of BioElectroDynamics Corporation, with exclusive worldwide marketing and distribution rights for The Jing OrbTM. He has represented its inventor since 1999 and built the interest and market development for several stages of the product evolution with the Jing Orb being the latest and most powerful version.  As a passionate advocate of bridging convention science and holistic energetic technologies The Jing OrbTM represents the ideal choice for Mr. Stern to reach that goal.

Mr. Stern also holds a bachelor's degree in biology from UMBC and has worked in scientific and analytical research for the prestigious John Hopkins University, international chemical giants WR Grace, and Cypress Industrial Minerals. His primary areas of research were in molecular biology, biochemistry, organic and analytical chemistry.



Lecture: Friday April 19TH, 2019 from 11:00 AM TO 11:45 AM, Main Conference Hall

How increasing your Life Force Energy (Jing Energy) can be the missing piece in your search for optimal wellness.

People have frequented famous bodies of water such as Lourdes and Baden-Baden for their rejuvenating healing benefits for centuries. Most people are unaware that the origin of their powerful healing properties arise from water's unique ability, under the right conditions, to transform some local energy source, such magnetic, thermal or motion energy into a form of energy that is bio-compatible. Being in direct contact with this energized water empowers your body to restore ideal conditions.

The Jing OrbTM is the latest development by the Australian inventor Terry Skrinjar who over 20 years ago set out to build a device that could recreate that wonderful benefit...only in a much more concentrated amount typically found in these locations. This technology has helped thousands of people dramatically improve their wellness, vitality and quality of their life. Research of this technology has revealed dramatic effects in both scientific biological aspects as well as Holistic Energetic aspects. In fact, the name, The Jing OrbTM underscores the most important benefit that is derived from its use. That is, the replenishment of Jing energy.

Recover your Vital Life Force Energy by Replenishing Jing, Traditional Chinese Medicine describes The Three Treasures as Jing, Chi, and Shen. One great teacher used to describe them by comparing them to a burning candle. Jing is represented by the wax and the wick of the candle. The quality of the wax and the reserve of wax available for burning determines the life of the candle. Your Jing, which is determined by your genetic inheritance and your deep energy reserves, determines your longevity. It takes a longtime to deplete Jing and it is extremely hard to replenish.

Qi or Chi: Qi is represented by the candle flame. It can sputter and smoke or it can burn brightly and evenly. Your chi is your vitality or energy. It provides the source of light. However, it eventually consumes the candle. When your chi is used efficiently, your Jing lasts longer! Qi is easily depleted through daily activity and when a person is healthy it is easily replenished with sleep, nourishment, and breathing. Shen or Spirit: Shen is represented by the light that radiates from the burning candle. The purpose of the candle is to light the darkness. Your Shen is the radiance of your spirit. When Jing and Chi are in abundance, Shen is released.

Jing is associated with the physical structure including relating to DNA. This correlates well with the very exciting biochemical and genomic research that has been done on this technology that shows restoration of cell voltage, extremely positive enhancements in DNA expression and impact on the Unfolded Protein Response.











Consulting at his exhibit Table

Samuel Kiwasz is a teacher, entrepreneur and community synergist who has taught Sacred Geometry Workshops for nearly 20 years. Visit www.sacredpendants.com to learn more about this fascinating subject and see and his line of beautiful Sacred Geometry Mandala Pendants.  Samuel also has created an extensive email list called the SacredFriends Community www.SacredFriends.org and enjoys sharing information daily about uplifting teachers and events that help people to arrive at their next level of spiritual development.


WORKSHOP: Sacred Geometry, Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Spirit uses a finely tuned mathematical system of patterns of energetic vibration to create matter into form. In these modern times, we need to be especially vigilant of digital and high-tech distractions; and prioritize the focus of our attention to the normal unfolding of creation.  In this workshop, I will present ways of looking at patterns and frequencies as they come to us from nature.  This will assist us in improving our health, our home and work environment. This way of Being in not only necessary, but essential to our happiness and survival.


 ***Closing Panel, Achieving Results:

This panel is about sharing all conscious achievements by speakers for 3 days of 5D events and reaching a common positive transformational result to push Humanity forward to a new Timeline.

Hosted by: Saeed David Farman, Sunday April 21ST, 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Panel Speakers:

Dr. Sarah Larsen, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Maureen St. Germain, Brad Olsen, Alan Bedian, Samuel Kiwasz, Andrei Knight, Ruth Mellor & Paula Burt








Tracey Samlow

TRACEY SAMLOW, MC & Assistant Director

Tracey Samlow is the Entrepreneur Dot ConnectorTM... aka a Divine Goddess destined to make heart-to-heart connections. She is a business, marketing, and personal development mentor; #1 Amazon best-selling co-author, promotor of Miracle MessengersTM (speakers, authors, and transformational leaders); an inspirational speaker; Body, Mind, Spirit Coach; and Cosmic ConnectorTM.

Her expertise includes business management, traditional and digital marketing, financial consulting, large-scale and high-end special events and catering, board presidency of several non-profits, energy healing, spiritual coaching, and master networking. Tracey devotes her life to making a positive impact in our world and assisting others in living life to their fullest potential. Her mantra "It's all Divine!", Dream big! Live bigger!